Orange Marmalade, Inc.
We Make Technology Taste Better

the products

Our seeds bear fruit
Orange Manager

Shipping Simplified.
Print Postage. Manage Orders.
Help Customers.

Orange Mailer

Mailing Simplified.
SO/HO Postage Printing.
Skip The Line.


The Team

All natural ingredients from the team that brought you an Inc. 500 (2012), Inc 1000 (2013), Inc 5000 (2014) business built from the ground up with nothing but a vision and tenacity. With a combined 35+ years of experience creating, building and supporting web based businesses - in addition to owning and operating our own E-Commerce business for over 9 years, we know what you need, and we know how to simplify it.
Others will tell you they "understand", but we will likely be able to tell you we have done it. From building E-commerce web sites supporting our troops, to launching, hosting, and advertising our own sites, we have done what you do... ship, pack, print... hire, fire, Customer Service and more. Like you - we have been there. And now, we are putting that experience to work enabling you to better serve your customers while saving yourself stress, headaches and time.
Orange Marmalade, Inc - we make technology taste better
Mike Ferneman
Mike Ferneman
Chief Operating Officer, Co-CEO

A poker player - willing to bet the odds.

Bill Gilligan
Bill Gilligan
Chief Technology Office, Co-CEO

Thinks outside the box to get IT done.

Alfie and Lady
Chief Distraction Officer

Does whatever it takes to put a smile on your face.